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Terms, Conditions & Details of ProMediaCMS Licenses

Bandwidth Notice (ProMediaCMS Hosted Sites): We have updated the way we monitor and charge for bandwidth. Rather than charge by the gigabyte, which is difficult to measure and understand, we are now calculating usage by Page Views. Essentially, this means you get a lot more bandwidth than traditional hosting plans, since a 10mb video download counts the same as a 1gb video download. You can view your total Page Views over the last 30 days in the CMS Admin REPORTS page. We offer a Disk Space Upgrade that increases your limit by 250,000 pageviews a month and 250gb of extra disk space for storage. The Disk Space upgrade is $45 per month. You can add as many Disk Space upgrades as you need. Contact Support if you need help ordering the Disk Space upgrade.

Site Hosting - Basic Plans plans include 50GB of disk space and allow 50,000 Pageviews per month. Plus Hosted plans include 200Gb of disk space and allow 250,000 Pageviews per month. Annual Hosted plans include 130Gb of disk space and allow 150,000 Pageviews per month. Storage overages are calculated at $2US per GB. Pageviews exceeding your allowed usage is charged at $10 per 10,000 pageviews. We will not blindside you with charges. You will be contacted if your storage quota or pageviews limit is reached BEFORE you are billed..
Installation - Set up of single domain or subdomain plus any required billing account setup.
CMS Support - *Limited* free Email and/or Skype support is included with your license to help you understand the CMS and better use it to make a profit. PLUS & ANNUAL plans include 1-hour of support or 6 support tickets/emails per month; BASIC HOSTED plans include 20-minutes of support or 2 support tickets/emails per month; LIFETIME (SELF-HOSTED) License purchase includes 1-hour of support or 6 support tickets/emails per month during the 3 months after installation. Additional support requires a $30 per ticket fee. System-side bug/error discovery & correction is free of charge.
Live Streaming Webcams - A PLUS, Annual or Lifetime account allows you to broadcast a free, members-only, or pay-per-view webcam room and unlimited passcode-protected private rooms. Broadcasting fees are additional to monthly CMS license fees and billed to clients monthly. A third-party broadcasting account with PlugMyCam (http://www.plugmycam.com/) is required to broadcast webcam video. Contact support by clicking here if you need help adding a webcam room to your site.
Upgrades & Customization - All official module upgrades are installed and available free of charge to Basic, Plus and Lifetime Hosted domains. All ProMediaCMS hosting plans include a free Template Customization module that allows clients to customize the front-end of their site. Any other back-end and front-end customizations will be billed at our Programming rate.
Refunds & Chargebacks - Refund requests will be accepted within 5 days of your payment/purchase date. Non-installed ProMediaCMS accounts are entitled to a full refund (welcome letter not received). Installed ProMediaCMS accounts will be charged a $95 installation fee if a refund is requested within the first 3-months of opening an account. Refunds requests beyond 5 days after payment will be pro-rated. Chargebacks are not acceptable under any circumstances and will be prosecuted under US/EU fraud laws. A chargeback will also prevent you from ever purchasing from our billing companies, as they will put you on a blacklist. If you are unhappy with our software, CONTACT US for a refund. We are happy to work with you.
Support Fees - Most support issues are free of charge. This includes help using the CMS, billing setup, FTP setups, or system-side errors. We reserve the right to charge a $30 support fee per incident for extensive support, emergency support or customer generated errors. If you crash your site, or delete your data, we will likely charge a support fee.
FTP Access - All ProMediaCMS hosting plans include FTP access to the CMS upload directory. Clients should not host any files in that directory other than content files intended to be added to ProMediaCMS. We do NOT offer this FTP area for promotional pages & content or hosting non-ProMediaCMS pages. We recommend getting an affordable hosting account at HostGator for promotional content. They offer unlimited bandwidth with their accounts.
License Fee Payment - All prices are in U.S. Dollars. Online orders checkout page is secured by Comodo. Check certificate authenticity on checkout page.
Legal Disclaimer - ProMediaCMS licenses give you the right to use our software to manage your website. It does not in any way transfer ownership of our software to any third-party or customer. ProMediaCMS is not open source software and we do not provide the source code for our system. ProMediaCMS is wholly owned and operated by PKS Consulting. Products and prices listed here are subject to change at any time. PKS Consulting is not liable for any typographical errors made on this website. For complete and accurate product and price information, please CONTACT US. PKS Consulting reserves the right to refuse service, and/or cancel orders in our discretion, including, without limitation, if we believe that a user's conduct violates applicable law or is harmful to the interests of our software business, our affiliates, suppliers or users.